We’re delighted to present a really fantastic selection of ukulele master workshops for 2016.

As well as an opportunity to pick up new ways of playing they are also great fun. There is a workshop to suit everybody, so book yours asap – they always fill very quickly and you don’t want to miss out!
This is your opportunity to join a class from skilled and talented ukulele musicians.To ensure your place on a particular workshop send us an email to

  • All workshops will be €15 each and payment will be collected on the day.
  • All the workshops will be happening on Saturday at “Oliveto At The Haddington Hotel”. (Formerly known as The Kingston Hotel)

James Clem 1950’s and Sixties Rock and Pop (level 2) 11 am

James Clem

1950’s and Sixties Rock and Pop

The golden age of rock n roll created a wealth of great songs that are the template for today’s music yet most ukulele workshops omit the parts that made those tunes so memorable…the catchy riffs, the solos, endings and accents. In this class James will share his years of performing experience knowledge on how to learn from recordings, playing with others and the little bits that can kick your playing skills up a big notch. You will get lots of handouts of red hot tunes from Johnny Cash, Elvis, The Beatles and more. While beginners are welcome this workshop will be geared to intermediate and advanced players.

Andy Eastwood Focus on Formby (level 2) 11 am

Andy Eastwood

Andy Eastwood “Focus on Formby”

Andy Eastwood lifts the lid on the famous
syncopated style of George Formby, unravelling the complexities of the ‘split stroke’, the ‘triple’ and the ‘fan’.
Whether or not you wish to play the songs of the Lancashire legend, this
is an informative master class to enhance your rhythmic technique and
give you an understanding of how to play syncopated strokes! For
intermediate to advanced players.

Francesco Albertazzi Advanced Strumming and Improvisation (level 3) 12:15 pm

Francesco Albertazzi


Do you want to improve your strumming and learn different modern strumming techniques? Do you want to learn to play a solo? In this workshop you will learn more advanced and complete strumming techniques. Join me and play with a good groove!

Gus & Fin Gus and Fin’s African Odyssey (all levels) 12:15 pm

Gus and Fin

Gus and Fin’s African Odyssey – Ukulele Workshop #1

Ukulele Workshop for all abilities.
Gus and Fin take you on a journey into the mysterious Dark incontinent
The ukulele is only the beginning of the journey
Participants must know these 3 chords C G D
Nose-flutes and kazoos welcome. And shakers. No drums.

Casey McGill “My three strums” (level 2) 13:30 pm

Casey McGill


In this class we’ll cover the three strums I use in my performing. They are:

Swing strum: Creating a swing beat with this strum to match the bass and drive the band/ensemble; get people to dance, or make an inspiring rhythm for a soloist or vocalist.We look at getting the feel, damping the strings, and talk about musical examples.

Rumba Strum: I demonstrate the strum and we break it down into 3 bite-size morsels. We play the strum in easy song examples.

Shuffle strum: After demonstrating I explain the strum; how it’s on the backbeat, where it comes from, musical examples, Louis Jordan, Elvis, Louis Prima. We look at the backstroke and bits of finesse to get the feel.

Angie “Minnie” McLaughling (all levels) Wrestling the Alligator: Song Writing on the Ukulele 13:30 pm


Ms. Angie “Minnie” McLaughlin will take you through the paces of song writing on the ukulele. In talking about her own song writing process, she will address

  • getting started,
  • wrestling with your inner critic
  • building confidence
  • writers block
  • reality testing

The workshop will be interactive so don’t forget to bring along your ukes.