Workshops to suits all levels

We are delighted to present a really fantastic selection of ukulele master workshops for the 2024 festival.

As well as an opportunity to pick up new ways of playing, they are also great fun. There is a workshop to suit everybody, so book yours ASAP – they always fill very quickly, and you don’t want to miss out.

This is your opportunity to join a class of skilled and talented ukulele musicians.

Each of the workshops lasts approximately an hour.

All workshops are on Saturday 24th August.

We have 5 paid workshops, €19 each, taking place. 




Spirit of Aloha – Ukulelezaza – Lighthouse Bar

The Magic of Roy Smeck – Charlotte Pelgen – dlr LexIcon

12 noon

The Endless Possibilities of Three Chords – Daniel Ho – dlr LexIcon

Swingin’ Singin’: a Jazz Uke Workshop – Sage Harrington – Lighthouse Bar


The 12th Street Rag – Ukulele Uffe – Lighthouse Bar

Kids & Beginners Workshop – Sheilagh Fox – dlr LexIcon

The Endless Possibilities of Three Chords - Daniel Ho [All levels]

Daniel Ho

The Endless Possibilities of Three Chords

Using his song “Pineapple Mango,” Daniel will share with you embellishments that can be applied to just three chords (G, C, and D), from a spruced-up strum to playing bass and percussion parts on the ‘ukulele all at once! You’ll never be able to approach jam sessions the same way after you gain a better understanding of these compositional elements and techniques that will make your instrument sing. Topics covered will include:

• Producing a rich and full tone with your right hand

• Efficient left-hand technique

• Weaving melodies into strum patterns

• Techniques such as finger style, hammer-ons and harmonics

• And a playful dive into the Hawaiian Language


The workshop will suit all levels.

Workshop at 12:00pm, dlr LexIcon

Workshop takes place on Saturday 24th and costs €19

The Magic of Roy Smeck - Charlotte Pelgen [Competent Beginner / all skill levels]

Charlotte Pelgen

The Magic of Roy Smeck

Roy Smeck was a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist and ukulele player who, especially in the 1920s and 30s, developed many playful strumming techniques and tricks that never failed to amaze and delight his audiences. In his career spanning over many decades Roy Smeck proved that the ukulele is far more than just the toy instrument many people believed it to be, while at the same time teaching us to never take ourselves too seriously and to have some fun with our instrument. 

In this workshop you will learn some of his show elements with which you can enrich and spice up your playing and surprise your audience. 

Suitable for all skill levels except for total beginners.


Workshop at 10:30am, dlr LexIcon

Workshop takes place on Saturday 24th and costs €19.

Swingin’ Singin’ - Sage Harrington - [All levels]

Sage Harrington

Swingin’ Singin’ a Jazz Uke Workshop

Sing and swing a beloved tune from the golden jazz era. Along with learning the vocal part to a catchy tune from about a century ago, you’ll leave the workshop with a complete arrangement for the uke accompaniment of the song at hand, perfect for framing your singing. Expand your swing repertoire and learn some fun uke techniques that you can apply to other songs in your repertoire, too, and really swing your uke.

Workshop at 12 noon, Lighthouse Bar

Workshop takes place on Saturday 24th and costs €19.

Spirit of Aloha - Ukulelezaza [All levels]

Spirit of Aloha


In this workshop Zaza will teach a classic Hawaiian tune that’s easy to play and pleasing to the ears. You will learn the basic chord melody and add embelishments like Zaza’s signature strum the Slow Fan and several other techniques, all of which you can also use in any other tune you want to play. Suitable for all levels.

Workshop at 10:30am, Lighthouse Bar

Workshop takes place on Saturday 24th and costs €19.

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12th Street Rag Workshop - Ukulele Uff [Competent Beginner / all skill levels]

Ukulele Uff

The 12th Street Rag

As I’m sure many of you are well aware twelfth street rag lends itself beautifully to our little four stringed friend and has been a staple part of many great ukulele player’s repertoire since the 1920s and still today.

It is a piece of music that seems to have endless possibilities and plenty of room to elaborate and make your own.

This was one of the first pieces of music I ever learnt on the ukulele and is still one of my favourites to play.

In this workshop I will teach you how to play twelfth street rag and you will receive a print out with chords and instructions.

We will also however, look at how and where we can embellish this wonderful tune.

We will experiment with triplets, thumb rolls and split strokes within the piece.

If you already know these techniques, it will be a great opportunity to maybe learn how to utilise them more effectively.

Hope to see you there!

Workshop at 1:30pm, Lighthouse Bar

Workshop takes place on Saturday 24th and costs €19.

Kids and Beginners Workshop

Sheilagh Fox of RUGs’ kids & beginners workshop is on at 1:30pm on Saturday 24th in the dlr LexIcon. There is no need to register.

Download & print the songbook and come along. Bring your ukulele with you, or if you’re new to the ukulele come along and we should have some available to play during the workshop.

You can download the 2023 Kids Workshop Songbook here.

Workshop at 1:30pm, in the dlr LexIcon