Workshops to suits all levels


We are delighted to present a really fantastic selection of ukulele master workshops for the 2019 festival.

As well as an opportunity to pick up new ways of playing, they are also great fun. There is a workshop to suit everybody, so book yours ASAP – they always fill very quickly, and you don’t want to miss out.

This is your opportunity to join a class of skilled and talented ukulele musicians.

Each of the workshops in the Eblana lasts approximately an hour, and the James Hill workshop in the dlrLexicon last 90 minutes.

All workshops are on Saturday 22nd August.

We have 3 workshops taking place in the Eblana Club and are €15 each. And we have 1 workshop in the dlrLexicon which is €25.

Booking is now closed for the workshops. You may be able to obtain a place at the door on Saturday morning, if there is availability. Payment will be collected on the day.


Eblana Workshop Schedule –

  • Andy Eastwood – Make Me Musical – Intermediate level – at 10:30am
  • Mark Mangan – Why On Earth Would I Subject Myself To Learning Chord Theory – Intermediate level – at 10:30am
  • Ukulelezaza – Rare Tricks & Grooves – All levels – at 12 noon [SOLD OUT]

dlrLexicon Workshop Schedule – 

  • James Hill – Lyricism and Line: How to Make the Ukulele Sing – Intermediate – at 2pm

Make Me Musical - Andy Eastwood [Intermediate level]

Andy Eastwood – Intermediate level

Workshop at 10:30am

So you’ve learnt the right notes in the right order… what next?

In this workshop Andy guides us to look at the skills of musicianship and musicality, introducing ear training exercises, developing musical memory and devising practice techniques that really work. The aim is to stop staring at those chord sheets and start thinking like a musician!

The workshop will suit intermediate levels, but would be an insight for all.

Workshop takes place in the Eblana Club on Saturday 17th and costs €15.

Payment will be collected on the day.

Why On Earth Would I Subject Myself To Learning Chord Theory - Mark Mangan [Intermediate level]

Mark Mangan – Intermediate level

Workshop at 10:30am

I asked myself, if I could go back in time and teach myself one thing about music, what would it be? The answer I came up with was chord theory.

I wish somebody had sat me down early on, and explained that rather than me trying to remember a seemingly infinite series of shapes and meaningless names, I could instead learn a couple of theory concepts and I’d be able to play any chord simply by examining the chord’s name. The name of the chord actually tells you how to play it, if you know chord theory. This was a game-changer for me, and it can be for you too.

Workshop takes place in the Eblana Club on Saturday 17th and costs €15.

You may be able to obtain a place at the door, if there is availability. Payment will be collected on the day.

Rare Tricks & Grooves - Ukulelezaza [All levels, including beginners]

Ukulelezaza – All levels  [SOLD OUT]

Workshop at 12 noon

Rare Tricks & Grooves

It doesn’t always have to be the same old up and down. In this workshop Zaza teaches you a bunch of cool tricks and grooves that will wow your friends, foes and fellow ukers. The techniques include the weird but wonderful finger-flap, a nifty fingerpicking swing and Zaza’s own magical Peacock strum. They’ll work in all music styles, or maybe none but you’ll have fun doing it anyway. Guaranteed!

This workshop will suit all levels.

Workshop takes place in the Eblana Club on Saturday 17th and costs €15.

Payment will be collected on the day.

Lyricism and Line: How to Make the Ukulele Sing - James Hill [Intermediate level]

Explore the lyrical side of the ukulele.  In this workshop students learn to play chord-melody arrangements of beautiful melodies. Discover subtleties of left-hand fingering and right-hand fingerpicking and how these can make (or break) the lyrical qualities of the music.  A workshop full of musical delights and ukulele insights.

Workshop start time : 2pm   (Saturday 17th August)

Venue: The Studio @ dlrLexicon

The workshop will be 90 minutes, (with maybe a 10-minute break at James’ discretion).

Note: This is an intermediate-level workshop; please download this the Lyricism and Line Prep Sheet and study it before attending the session

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