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Adam Franklin – Competent Beginner / Intermediate level

Chord plus and comping

How to extend your chord vocabulary, add notes to chords to get more out of a tune and the ‘comping’ rhythm style of swing bands such as Count Basie & Duke Ellington.

Ukulele has been the first instrument in the Franklin family for four generations. I have been playing blues and jazz on uke since 1998, influenced by my jazz musician dad who was around for the first ukulele craze of the 1920’s. I play uke in a hot jazz style using three finger picking to create the syncopated rhythms of the 1920’s/30’s that I love so much.

Heavily influenced by my sometime duo partner in crime, the sublime Del Rey, I play uke in most of my solo blues shows and on five of my solo albums. I regularly perform and teach all over the world, notably for EuroBlues here in the UK and the Centrum organisation in the US.

Many of the early blues players, especially around Alabama, Georgia and along the east coast of the US, played and sang in fairly high registers. This makes the ukulele a great accompaniment for pre-war blues and jazz.

Workshop at 10:30am

Workshop takes place on Saturday 26th and costs €17.

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Meet in the Eblana Avenue Festival Club.