We are really looking forward to our ukulele fun filled trip on an open top double-decker bus, as we travel through South County Dublin, stopping off to play some tunes, and get refreshments.

Bring your ukulele and a copy of the Ukulele Hooley Songbooks, (don’t forget to bring both books, this years & last years) and we’ll have a good time.

Bus Busk registration will be at 2:45pm on Saturday 25th August at the Eblana Club, (for those that have a ticket), and will depart at 3pm. You’ll get a stamp which will confirm you’re checked in to take part in the busk.

During the Bus Busk we will be singing songs from this year song book, and last years. Both can be downloaded from the website or you can get a copy on Saturday morning, at the festival hub in the Eblana.

The following are a guide to which songs we might sing and when, if you wanted to do some preparation. Of course, this is may change at any time, J, depending on moment, and the humour of the players. We’re really looking forward to seeing you. Lets have an amazing time. You can download the 2018 Bus Bus Song plan here.

@ Church, walking stop

Mary Lou, Page 10, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
Country Roads, Page 11, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
Worried Man Blues, Page 12, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
Blueberry Hill, Page 15, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)

@ Meadows & Byrne, walking stop

Rock Around the Clock, Page 23, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
Blue Suede, Page 14,Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
Hound Dog, Page 15, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
That’s alright mama, Page 18, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
Jolene, Page 17, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)

@ Peoples Park

Wagon Wheel, Page 33, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
Delilah, Page 22, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
House of the Rising Sun, Page 24, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
Every Day - Buddy Holly, Page 23, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)

@ 64 Wine Bar

Sway, Page 24, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
Bad Moon Rising, Page 21, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
I’m Yours, Page 22, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
Viva la Vida, Page 20, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)

Songs on the bus ….

I’m a believer, Page 25, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
I saw here standing there, Page 27, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
Move it on over, Page 30, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
5 foot 2, Page 36, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
Ain’t she sweet, Page 37, Song Book Vol 1 (2017)
Drunken Sailor, Page 16, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
I’ve Been Working On the Railroad, Page 27, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
This train is bound for glory, Page 18, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)
I’ll Fly Away, Page 19, Song Book Vol 2 (2018)


And many … many more….

Don’t be shy, let us know which songs in the books you want to play…