Festival Schedule

Here’s an overview of what you can expect this weekend at the Ukulele Hooley.

The Ukulele Hooley is located at two main locations; Dun Laoghaire’s oldest club, The Eblana, is the Ukulele Hooley 2018 Festival Club & Hub, and on Sunday from midday the main concert event is in the Peoples Park.

We are very grateful to our hosts the Eblana Club for their generosity in making the club available to us for the festival weekend.


Saturday @ the Ukulele Hooley 2018

Saturday morning kicks off with a selection selection of workshops with amazing ukulele musicians.

Workshop Schedule

  • Casey McGill at 10.45 am – Intermediate level
  • Poupees Gonflees at 10.45 am – All levels (including beginners)
  • Angie McLoughlin at 12.15 pm – All levels
  • Frederick Gosseens at 12.15 pm – Intermediate level
  • Ukulele Uff at 13.30 pm – Intermediate level

And you know ukulele players, there’s usually a Jam happening too.

Bus Busk

Early afternoon the Bus Busk departs, for a trip through South County Dublin via an open top double-decker bus, for a super fun time of ukulele playing and refreshments.

Bus Busk registration will be at 2:45pm on Saturday 25th August at the Eblana Club, (for those that have a ticket), and will depart at 3pm. You’ll get a stamp which will confirm you’re checked in to take part in the busk.

During the Bus Busk we will be singing songs from this year song book, and last years. Both can be downloaded from the website or you can get a copy on Saturday morning, at the festival hub in the Eblana. For a guide of which songs we might sing and when, you can download the 2018 Bus Bus Song plan here.


Open Mic

On the Saturday night we have an Open Mic event, doors (and the list) open at 7pm, with kickoff at 7:30pm. Come along, bring your ukulele and song, and we’ll provide the audience.

All are welcome, just put your name on the list and we’ll call you up when its time to perform.

After the open mic portion of the evening ends, Sunday’s ukulele performers give a taste of what to expect on at the main Ukulele Hooley concert in the People’s Park.

There is an admission charge of €10 for the Open Mic Night.


Sunday @ the Ukulele Hooley 2018

The main concert event kicks off  in the People’s Park, Dun Laoghaire at 12 noon.

We have an amazing lineup of ukulele artists local and international, both new faces to the festival, and some old friends joining us for what promises to be a memorable experience. All times are approximate.


Ukuhooligans & Dalkey Ukulele Groups

The winners of the Uke Factor Competition perform on stage.

Arklow Ukulele Players


George Elmes

Minnie & the Illiwhackers

Ukulele Tuesday

Rita Braga




Winin’ Boys

Jive Aces

The fabulous Sheilagh Fox’s kids workshop is on at 3pm. There is no need to register. Download & print the songbook and come along. Bring your ukulele with you, or if you’re new to the ukulele we should have some available to play during the workshop.


The Big Jungle Jam, so bring your ukulele and the Jungle Jam songbook.

First Raffle


Casey McGill

Les Poupees Gonflees

Ukulele Uff Trio


Final Raffle

Dublin Ukulele Collective


The concert ends before 7pm, but the fun continues back at the Festival Club & Hub at the Eblana, for those looking to continue the ukulele party.