Sage Harrington is an inventive, playful singer and songwriter in love with swing music. Hailing from the USA, you can hear her deep love and appreciation of both jazz and American folk genres in her ukulele playing and singing. With a voice informed by the smooth vocal precision of Alison Krauss and the passionate swing of the great Ella Fitzgerald, Sage will have you singing along not only with the catchy gems of the 1920s, but also to the sweepingly beautiful melodies of her own compositions.

For over a decade she’s been a clear, thoughtful, and gentle ukulele guide, leading fun and compelling music lessons one-on-one and in group workshops. While it’s difficult for her to shake off the “self-taught” part of her identity as a recording engineer—she’s recorded and mixed many albums of her own and her friend’s music—last year she moved to Europe where she completed an all-consuming graduate-level music production and recording program.

Sage is also one half of the duo Moon Berries with ukulele player and singer extraordinaire Charlotte Pelgen.